Days and Hours of Work 


Employees are expected to render a minimum of forty (40) hours of work per week.  The official work days of the company are from Monday to Friday. However, for technical support department work days would vary since we support clients 24/7, nevertheless they also need to render a minimum of forty (40) hours of work per week. The number and distribution of exact hours vary depending on the workload. The nature of the business is such that employees must be open to working flexible hours. 


All employees may be requested to report on weekends and holidays based on operational requirements and client needs.


Given the variable work hours, supervisors are expected to give staff advance notice as much as the business needs allow. Staff in turn, ought to be present at the workplace at the time they are required to be there. 


Changes in Work Schedules


Management exercises the prerogative to alter an employee’s work schedule or rotate shifts depending on operational requirements and conditions. The changes in work schedules shall not, however, go against the provisions for work hours and days. Requests for changes in work schedule or shift rotation may be allowed if and when reasonable justification is presented, and is endorsed by the employee’s supervisor.


All requests must be coursed through the employee’s supervisor.


Lunch and Break Time


Employees are entitled to a one hour lunch break and two 15-minute   

break periods sometime during the day and in the afternoon.  



Absence from Work


To avoid work flow disruptions due to unscheduled absences, employees who cannot come to work but did not file for leaves must do the following:


  • Inform immediate supervisor at least three (2-3) hours before the time set to meet. 


  • File the necessary leave application within three days upon report back to work.


  • Absence without proper notification and approval are grounds for corresponding sanctions and considered as Absence without Official Leave (AWOL) and would be deducted accordingly.


For more information, refer to the Attendance Policy.


Leave of Absence (LOA)


There are times and situations when an employee may take a leave of absence from work for an extended period of time. As this is beyond the company-provided leave allocations, this type of leave shall be considered without pay.  A leave of absence may be taken provided the following guidelines are followed:


  • The employee informs his/her immediate supervisor of his/her intent to go on a Leave of Absence in writing. The notice should come at least three (3) weeks prior to the LOA start date.  


  • The immediate supervisor approves the request for an LOA.


  • The LOA period must not exceed a period of three (3) months.


Holidays and Suspension of Work


The following are considered regular non-working holidays as provided for by Executive Order No. 203: 




New Year’s Day

January 1

Maundy Thursday

Variable Date

Good Friday

Variable Date

Araw ng Kagitingan

April 9

Labor Day

May 1

Independence Day

June 12

National Heroes’ Day

Last Sunday of August

All Saints Day

November 1

Bonifacio Day

November 30

Christmas Day

December 25

Rizal Day

December 30

Last Day of the Year

December 31


Employees who are scheduled to work on a Philippine holiday will be paid according to what the Phil. Labor code requires. 


In cases and situations not covered by government declarations such as typhoons, coup d’ etats and other fortuitous and emergency conditions, the President and the Support/ Development Manager shall decide whether work shall be suspended. 


GroWorx has full and total intention to abide by government-declared and initiated suspension of work.  However, situations might arise depending on operational contingencies wherein GroWorx may request its employees with critical functions and responsibilities to report for work on those days.  On such occasions, these employees shall be informed and given a corresponding number of days off from work.