Overview :

An apprenticeship is a training program aims to provide skills acquisition and combine on-the-job- work experience  to the apprentice that adheres to the company's policies and procedures.


Apprentice – is a person undergoing training for an approved apprenticeable job/occupation during an established period assured by an apprenticeship agreement. 

Apprenticeship- is training within employment involving a contract between an apprentice and the company on an approved apprenticeable position. 

Apprenticeship Agreement – is a contract wherein company binds to train the apprentice who in turn accepts the term of training for a recognized apprenticeable occupation emphasizing the rights, duties and responsibilities of each party. 

Specific Guidelines:


Employees who wish to participate in the apprenticeship  program shall submit the following requirements: 

  • Letter of Intent
  • Resume or CV

Benefits of Apprentices

The apprentices are entitled to receive an allowance prevailing their current salary . 

Period of Apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship period shall not be less than three (3) months and not more than six months. The company has the option to hire the apprentice even prior to the completion of the apprenticeship period. 


These guidelines shall take effect immediately. 

April 01, 2020






Concerned Employee

Registration Program: 

1.Submit updated CV to HR


a. To inform & seek approval from Tribehead of their intent to apply for the apprenticeship  program. 

b.Job Performance in their current role must be satisfactory inorder to be considered.

1 day


2. Selection Procedures

a. Facilitate interview process

b. Shortlisting suitable candidates base on of the Panel Interview results 

 (Panel :Hiring Manager, applicant’s TribeHead & HR Manager)

c. Deliberation with Managers: selecting and appointing possible successful candidate..

d.Documentation: Signing of Apprentice Agreement with the selected candidate.

1 day

Tribe Head/ Team Leader

3. Create Training Structure

a.Orientation & Training

b. Defining apprenticeship Learning Plan

c. Evaluate & Convert

  • Formal Performance Review

  • Formal Performance Review & conversion decisions (Defining potential career path upon completion.)

1- 2 days


4. Apprenticeship Allowance

  • Monthly allowance or 

  • Upon completion of apprenticeship

1 day


5. Monitor success and completion of Apprenticeship Program.

Apprentice are converted to roles in their final rotation area

1 day